Vastu for Southern Hemisphere

Certainly, in Southern Hemisphere Vastu rules may be 62% to 78% different from what Vastu is applied in Northern Hemisphere. No doubt that Vastu Shastra is a Vedic science created by our age-old ancestors and traditional & ancient time’s sages & seers to get the heavenly comfort to human being. But that was confined till India & Indian Sub-continents.Those rules may be applied as the thumb rules on all the states and countries located near middle of cancer line seen on the geological globe. Even in India itself one may find the variation in defining the traditional Vedic Vastu wisdom in country's different parts.

Vastu for Southern Hemisphere
Indian Vedic Vastu- Not perfect in Southern Hemisphere

Vastu for Southern Hemisphere is a topic of interest for those who are always curious to know the logical basis that makes different Vaastu for Southern Hemisphere. That is why often the queries about getting Vastu tips for Southern Hemisphere and as a matured and learned Vasthu Consultant we are supposed to explain Vaastu principles for Southern Hemisphere. Similarly if we talk about Vedas & Vedic knowledge then Vastu Shastra for Southern Hemisphere becomes more important because everybody knows it well that Vedic epics were consecrated in India & nearby areas thousands of years back. Hence this is to be noted that not all but many Vastu rules in Southern Hemisphere are changed due to various natural and geographical reasons.

Truth of Sleeping Direction in Southern Hemisphere

Sleeping direction shall not remain as in northern hemisphere. The reson is very important and vital. It is the matter of energy-flow mechanism. Other factors may also differe… Yes, it is true. For example Vastu Shastra for home in Southern Hemisphere may be different from Vastu for Northern Hemisphere or Indian Vastu. sleeping direction for Southern Hemisphere may also alter with the change in the magnetic flux being created in that particular hemisphere.

How Powerful is Vastu in Southern Hemisphere

In fact Vastu Shastra is a science of vibrations & directions hence one may be curious to know which direction to sleep in Australia. Whenever I am present on the Dias or podium & delivering my speech or lecture on ‘Role of Vastu in different conditions, then anyone may stand up on his seat during my lecture and raises a very much valid question ‘is Vastu Shastra different in Southern Hemisphere?” and the other question showers from the other corner of the seminar’s corner ‘which direction should you sleep in Australia?”.

Be clear, In which Hemisphere you locate

Dear readers before I explain anything about Vaasthu Sastra it is essential to know ‘Australia is in which hemisphere?” The Fengshui lovers ask feng shui Southern Hemisphere and when calculating the Ba-gua feng shui the participant raised the Southern Hemisphere head position as per Vaastu Shastra & Feng Shui. Vastu for bedroom in Australia with a special emphasis on Vastu for Pooja room in Australia are to be handled with care because due to topographical reasons Vastu in Melbourne may be slightly different from Vastu for Sydney or Vastu in Canberra.

No Vedic Vastu to be applied in Southern-Hemisphere as whole

Yes, some part of the Vedic Vastu may be applied as a thumb rule in southern-hemisphere. When we think about the energies & vibrations of Vastu then the biggest question in our mind strikes as to ‘Whether Vastu is equally Applicable on whole of the world?”

Know- why knowing Vastu is essential in Southern Hemisphere

The next question is “Whether the people of all countries believe in Vastu” & the third but not the least question is “Whether the residents of all countries in the world get the true benefit of Vastu? If yes, then how? As a famous Vastu consultant Dr Anand Bhardwaj tries to explore the questions & their answers on the basis of his experience & qualification that makes him the best Vastu consultant in southern-hemisphere. However the primary details as how to construct a house in Southern Hemisphere is defined on the separate page in the same website.

famous Vastu consultant Dr Anand Bhardwaj

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Logical Questions:

There may be numerous questions roaming behind the mind of common mass but when we talk about the occult sciences then getting the best results from the expert Vastu consultant becomes very critical & essentially the logical arguments behind each Vastu tenet being defined by the Vastu consultant becomes more important. We always say “Be Logical” … Be Accurate… Be Rationale… and Be scientific.

Advising Vastu In Southern Hemisphere- very SENSITIVE

Anyone tries hands on Vaastu advising others after reading 2-4 websites & start playing with others. But the question is more alarming when the common, unqualified & untrained Vastu consultant is not in a position to clarify any query of the client. In that case the question mark on the validity & value of Vastu Shastra is but natural whereas the academically high, researcher, contemplator & true Vastu Shastra Consult has the inherited quality to seek deep into exploring the truth behind any tenet. Same is the case with Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, the senior Vastu expert of Vastu Consultancy services for Southern Hemisphere. We have tried our best to elaborate each Vastu guidelines in the website so that everyone may build his building as per Vastu. The concerned page will also define the minute factors of a building.

Advising Vastu In Southern Hemisphere

Vastu for Southern Hemisphere

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