About Vastu Courses

About Vastu Courses

Special Vastu Courses for Vastu For Southern Hemisphere:


कहते हैं कि "गुरु बिन ज्ञान; ज्ञान बिन गुरु, बिना गुरु के ज्ञान नहीं" अर्थात सच्चा और असली गुरु वही जिसे वास्तव में विषय का चरम ज्ञान हो- और बिना सच्चे गुरु के ज्ञान की प्राप्ति संभव ही नहीं।

Meaning in English:

For perfection on a subject that gives confidence and command to a student is possible through a ‘Teacher’ only & the ‘Teacher’ should essentially be true teacher equipped with the high intellect, wisdom, clarity, knowledge & above all the zeal to impart true education to his disciples.

“A teacher carrying with him the deceit, hiding, reservations, fear of pupil’s over-riding and doubts is not entitled to be called a ‘GURU’. -an academic proverb.

Under the true concept of imparting right Vastu education to students we have designed specific courses for the students who want to work as professional Vastu consultants in countries located in Southern Hemisphere. These courses are not ordinary but targeted to make the student a perfect Vastu consultant who can work with confidence in Southern Hemisphere doing one of the most prestigious profession that blesses with:

  • A. Excellent & Good Money- Earning
  • B. Great respect,
  • C. Satisfaction of doing good to humanity,
  • D. Exceptional mind-process & prestigious position of GURU,
  • E. Free lancers/ Free Time/ enough time for self, family & society,
  • F. Can attain the status of a ‘RESEARCHER’ if ambitious to create something new,

After completing our courses, the students get by post the hard copies of the

  • ✓ Certificate under the signatures of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, Director, IIVC & the Course Coordinator,
  • ✓ Letter of Completion that supports that the student has properly got professional education from one of the most reputed institute of INDIA i.e.

  • International Institute of Vaidic Culture (Regd.)
    12, DDA Market, A Block, Mathura Road, Sarita Vihar,
    New Delhi (INDIA)

After doing our courses, one may work as a conceptually Professional & IIVC Certified Vastu Consultant for providing Vastu consultancy services for Vastu believers in many countries like


  • ✓ Southern Australia
  • ✓ Western Australia
  • ✓ New South Wales
  • ✓ North Australia or North Territory
  • ✓ Queensland
  • ✓ Victoria
  • ✓ for Tasmania
  • ✓ Australian Capital Territory
  • ✓ City of Victoria

South Africa:

  • ✓ Tanzania
  • ✓ Angola
  • ✓ Madagascar
  • ✓ Namibia
  • ✓ Botswana
  • ✓ South Africa Country
  • ✓ Johannesburg
  • ✓ Cape Town
  • ✓ Gauteng
  • ✓ Durban
  • ✓ in KwaZulu-Natal
  • ✓ Pretoria, South Africa
  • ✓ Port Elizabeth
  • ✓ Nelspruit Mbombela
  • ✓ Kimberley
  • ✓ Polokwane, South-Africa
  • ✓ Pietermaritzburg
  • ✓ Mauritius
  • ✓ Burundi

South America:

  • ✓ Vastu Consultants in Brazil
  • ✓ Uruguay
  • ✓ Argentina
  • ✓ Peru
  • ✓ Chile

New Zealand:

  • ✓ East Timor
  • ✓ Indonesia

which are situated in Southern Hemisphere. Though professional training is also given in Vastu in our institute in Delhi Head Office at IIVC premises, even then proper study in Vastu for Southern Hemisphere is needed to become the perfect Vastu expert to give advice on logical Vastu in Southern Hemisphere. The students who join the Vastu courses applied in southern Hemisphere are given the proper & logical knowledge for southern Hemisphere. This is to be made clear that IIVC is an independent institute registered by the govt. of NCT, New Delhi (India) under the Registration Act- 1908 & authorised for Vastu courses, Vastu training, Vastu classes & other Vastu professional courses to be applied in India. So far as other countries are concerned, we don’t owe the responsibility of any validity, legality or legitimacy in other countries of the world. So, the student who is going to join our courses has to properly check that country’s academic rules & regulations. Hence IIVC is not responsible for any recognition of its Vastu courses in any country worldwide.

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