Geopathic Stress in Southern Hemisphere

Geopathic Stress in Southern Hemisphere

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geo means Earth & pathic may refer the uneasy condition and Stress refers to the ‘pressure’ or ‘tension’. Whatever be the meaning but it is an uncomfortable state of body, mind and soul.

What is Scientific cause behind Geo-pathic Stress?

Geopathic Stress is a phenomenon in which the innate magnetic field of earth that resonates at 7.83 hertz is disturbed due to any unusual object, condition, sphere or blockage in the way to vertical upliftment of this innate magnetic field. The 7.83 hertz is the actual vibration that is comfortable to human being. But the above said disturbances when created due to the obstacle in the natural vertical column like movement of it, the energy gets distorted and starts making negative relation with human body. The earth’s above energy starts in extreme deep sphere of the earth and we know that there are many changes taking place in our earth from crust to core. The positivity if disrupts in the earth then one who stays, sits or sleeps upon such affected area is in troubles.

Implications & Complications due to Geopathic Stress:

Certainly, Geopathic Stressmay be very serious if found in a plot, house, field or in commercial place. As per available literature on internet it has powers to ruin anyone working upon it that may lead to many serious problems like:

  • ✔ TSerious Health Problem
  • ✔ TBusiness Losses
  • ✔ TFrequent Machines Breakdown
  • ✔ TCreating Tension & Depression
  • ✔ THinders Concentration of Students
  • ✔ TCauses inexpressible uneasiness
  • ✔ TMay cause Harmony problem
  • ✔ TUncurable Headache
  • ✔ TSpoilage of Foods
  • ✔ TSkin allergies
  • ✔ TUpset Stomach
  • ✔ TInsomnia or over sleepiness
  • ✔ TPhysical Weakness
  • ✔ TUnexpected breakdown in household appliance etc.

There are many texts available on it but it is hard to say that any one text has been proved scientifically or experimented in the lab. It is hard luck that there has been no study or research on this crucial subject in any part of the world during many decades. Therefore, it is only in the estimates which needs very intense research. Otherwise those who claim to be the expert of Geopathic Stress may keep on defining it as per their sweet will. But this fact cannot be refuted that there is some negative wave which creates problem at one point in a house and other part of the building becomes positive.The method of dowsing always carries doubt because that works on intuition which depends upon the user’s state of mind.

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is a researcher, a Vastu scientist & explorer who has always been curious to search, research and apply the experimented facts on site. He does not have faith on on unscientific, unexperimented things like dowsing. He could get success in tracing the points of Geopathic Stress with the help of three digital cum analogue instruments called the

  • ✔ Soft vibration sensor,
  • ✔ Hard Vibration sensor &
  • ✔ Tele-vibes detecting sensor

Hopefully this is what may be relied upon because the scientific instruments do not work on the goodwill or wish of the user. They work without any physical interference by human being.

Is Rectification of GPS Possible?

A lot of Vastu consultants claim to rectify the Geopathic Stress problem with crystal for Geopathic Stress and do dowsing for Geopathic Stress. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj has uploaded many youtube videos on Geopathic Stress in hindi. Even we heard about the Geopathic Stress app. But as defined Geopathic Stress australia has become very popular and accordingly Geopathic Stress clearing devices are being recommended by Vastuconsultants which are like Geopathic Stress rod, Geopathic Stress yantra or Geopathic Stress mantra. I should not comment on these but Geopathic Stress courses are also started at many places wherein there is almost less or no text or theory, only the Geopathic Stress detecting cosmic scanners are sold. Those cosmic scanners manufacturers and distributers claim to use that for astrology, kalsarp dosh, Kundali or horoscope, seven chakras, earth, Vastu, negative vibes, happiness and almost 100% aspects of human being related to all occult sciences.Dr. Bhardwaj does not want to comment on those too because that may become unethical. Geopathic Stress diffusers may also be seen on internet to stop the Geopathic Stress effects but true Geopathic Stress home remedies are still to be explored very religiously. One may find hundreds of instruments like Geopathic Stress meter that recommends about the Geopathic Stress paint to be done on walls.

Geopathic Stress removal:

Still it is hard to claim that Geopathic Stress removal crystals or Geopathic Stress rods are effective and can be truthfully checked with Geopathic Stress scanner and there are references of Geopathic Stress scanner app download etc. But it is very essential to explore the possibility to get real and honest Geopathic Stress solutions which may depend largely upon Geopathic Stress symptoms. Still the study on ley line intersections australia are needed then only we shall be knowing what is Geopathic Stressand how to nullify the negative impacts of Geopathic Stress scientifically.

Truth: How the Geopathic Stress Is Linked with earth?

Geopathic Stress may be divided in two words i.e. Geopathic and Stress. If this is really a serious factor then Geopathic Stress symptoms should be very much prominent in the habitats because there may be much possibility of those areas under the impact of Geopathic Stress lines which may be crossing each other. There may be many ways available for Geopathic Stress removal but before doing any Geopathic Stress remedy one should also know about the devices which are made to trace it. For example, Geopathic Stress meter can check the points and various lines which may be traced on the graph paper and with the help of that graph, we may prepare a rough Geopathic Stress map.For now, International Institute of Vaidic Culture (IIVC) is contemplating to start the Geopathic Stress courses. Even we searching if any country’s scientists have prepared any Geopathic Stress app so that the Geopathic Stress zones may easily be mapped, traced and detected. This may be very useful for everyone who has some fear about it. But most of the emails try to know the real Geopathic Stress meaning.

Study & Analysis of Geopathic Values:

Looking at international status of research on the subject, Geopathic Stress zones map needs to be finalised with the help of Governments Land Survey teams. Then each Geopathic zones be named behind that particular Geographical region. Geopathic meaning to be made clear with reference to the areas and purely science based Geopathic Stress solutions should be devised by all the experts engaged in this noble field. This may be a type of GeoStress which needs further study on the scientificality of this subject.Geopathic Stress protection may be added with the studies which concentrate on this issue and raise it like a great need of time. On the basis of those findings, Geopathic Stress remedies be devised at mass scale and the experimental strategies to be first initiated before applying those remedies to humans being. Geopathic lines to be categorised at a vast scale and the studies on this should become the part of routine curriculum being taught on higher levels studies. Geopathic radiation may be regenerated artificially in the laboratories & perfect team be engaged for the perfect analysis of it.Geopathic Stress removal products may also be available today in the market but this authenticity should be seen. Geopathic Stress healing should include the simple tips to escape or treat to it before it takes the big shape. Geopathic energy may be the cause behind any obstruction in free flow of vibrations emitted by the earth’s crust. But dowsing Geopathic Stress may be unreliable because that works on the institutive power of the dowser user whereas the truth may have to be researched scientifically and then only the authenticity of it shall be useful.

Need of identifying the impacts on Laboratory Level:

GeoStress lines have a typical behaviour and on the basis of that they may act or reach at different spot on the land itself. Geopathic Stress test devises should be worked upon so that the really logical application of remedies and submission be made in tune to the working phenomena of Geopathic Stress devices. Do the string of copper removes Geopathic Stress lines is also very popular but still its research is to be carried out on the state government and local administration level. The internet also writes about the Helios 3 Geopathic Stress devices but water veins Geopathic Stress may be so deep in the earth that its vibrations may be hard to detect. Therefore, there has always been a raised eyebrow on the truth and logic of the same. Geopathic Stress measuring devices may be the best judge to analyse whether there is any co-relation between Geopathic Stress and cancer. If it is proved in labs that GPS is really existing then the nest step should be finding its impacts on living beings including the human being and his pets too. Then only it shall be a justified and recognised subject. Before that day only the assumptions & feeling shall remain the basis of each statement made by one or the other GeopathicStress expert. Let us move towards working on this criticalsubject very truthfully.