Details, Fee Structure, Syllabus,
Duration, Modes etc.

Details, Fee Structure, Syllabus, Duration, Modes etc.

There are FOUR Level courses in ‘Vastu For Southern Hemisphere’.

Each subsequent Level is in contents-continuation of the previous level. There is no unconnectedly finalized course.

(Elementary/Basic Vastu Course for Southern Hemisphere)
PERIOD (Duration) Minimum 15 Days (Extendable* to 3 months)FLEXIBLE
Fees/ Payments Structure 600 USD or Equivalent Currency
(May Be Paid in TWO equal instalments)
Target Group This course is a foundation course designed to give the basic knowledge of Vastu, its origin, application and logic of its course-form used in Southern Hemisphere. This Level-1 is very useful for the curious common person residing in southern-hemisphere. This defines the basis of difference in Vastu tenets in different hemisphere, the logical supports from other arts & occult sciences which are 50% to 100% different in opposite hemisphere. A very useful course for architects, engineers, Property/ real estate dealers/ agents & Vastu consultants working for Southern Hemisphere.
The contents of Level-1-An overview: Introduction, Definition of Vastu, Its Meaning, Logical Application of Vastu-Purusha Mandala in Southern Hemisphere, Principles of Traditional Indian Vastu/ Vedic Vastu Shastra, “Why Few Vastu Principles May Alter in Southern Hemisphere’, Facts and Figures Which Remain Nearly Same on Almost Whole of the Earth -the Logic Reasons, Checking the Directions, Various Traditional & Modern Ways To Check the Directions, Determination of Facing of Plot or Building, Plot or Building Related Parameters- General Concept- Multiple Vastu Parameters While Buying A Plot or Built-Up Premise, Selection of Plot-Prime Vastu Factors, Slope Related Vastu Factors etc. The actual chapters may vary in sequence.

Can be done only after successful completion of LEVEL-1

(Advanced Vastu Course for Southern Hemisphere)
PERIOD (Duration) Minimum 15 Days (Extendable* to 3 months) FLEXIBLE
Fees/ Payments Structure 800 USD or Equivalent Currency
May Be Paid in Three instalments i.e. 250 USD + 250 USD + 300 USD
Target Group Level-2 starts from the chapter where the Level-1 chapters closes. In continuation to the Level-1, this level takes the student towards more depth and closer to the real facts which are the basis of various Vastu tenets’ application in Southern Hemisphere. This covers most of the vital topics being considered for living & commercial sites in Southern Hemisphere.
Main Highlights of Level-2: Vastu for Boundaries & Courtyards in Southern-Hemisphere, Structure Related Factors, Purification of Land or Bhoomi-Shodhan, The Building Material, Number of Columns, Doors & Windows’ Directions, Their Counting & Height, Roof Height/ Level of Various Floors in Scientific Prospective, Staircase, Temporary Stairs-During Construction, Service Ladder/Monkey Ladder, Balcony, Porch or Portico, Varandah, Cellar or Basement, Pooja-place/ Mandir/ Devotional/ Worship area, Vastu for Kitchen, Fire place, Heater/ Gas Stove direction, Sink direction, Colour of slab/ kitchen counter, Show-kitchen, Dining Area, Store, Vastu for Almirah/ Cabinets/ Cupboard/ Wardrobes etc. in Southern Hemisphere, Electrical Power Room, Electrical Earthing, Scrap Zone, Reception/Foyer/ Vestibule, Drawing/ Living Room, Family Lounge, Bedrooms, Common Vastu guidelines, Vastu for Masters’ Bedroom in Southern Hemisphere, Elder Son’s Bedroom, Younger Son’s Bedroom, Daughters’ Room, Guest Room, Study Room, Library, Yoga/ Exercise Room, Domestic Gymnasium, Home Theatre/ TV Room, Guard Room/ Post, Servants’ Room, Vastu for Washroom/ Toilets in Southern Hemisphere, Exhaust System, Laundry, Washing, Drying, Ironing/ Pressing Area, Utility, Residential, Commercial/ Industrial, Garage, Sewage System, Septic Tank, Disposal of Solid Waste, Drainages, Disposal and Recycling, Sewerage Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Communication Towers, Water Related Factors, Vastu for Borewell, Underground Water Storage System in Southern Hemisphere, Overhead Water Storage, Rain Water Harvesting/ Recharge Pit, Swimming Pool, Fish Pond/ Lotus Pond etc.

Can be done only after successful completion of LEVEL-2

(Professional Vastu Course for Southern Hemisphere)
PERIOD (Duration) Minimum 15 Days (Extendable* to 3 months) FLEXIBLE
Fees/ Payments Structure 1000 USD or Equivalent Currency
May Be Paid in Three instalments i.e. 300 USD+300 USD +400 USD
Target Group

The Last Level that makes you the ‘PROFESSIONAL’. This Level starts from a point where Level-2 ends. This leads to a student up to a professional Vastu consultant’s status, height, clarity of concept, command & clear vision, mission & goal. After completing this Level, he/ she may easily construct on a vacant plot any house, shop, industry, office etc. perfectly in tune & enough matching with Vastu Principles in Southern Hemisphere. This is really a very useful & precious students who want to work as Professional Vastu Consultants’ in countries located in Southern Hemisphere. The main aim of this Level is confidence building, expertise-feel, superior knowledge, logical mindset & working on scientific & authentic system that is needed by the client. But it also teaches the students to work on Vastu for Southern Hemisphere after taking the written/email consent of the client that he needs the logical, authentic & scientific Vastu consultation. However, those who are still interested in traditional Indian Vedic Vastu & adamant to apply the same, LET them initiate themselves.

Here are the Main High-lights of Level-3:

Interior Related Vastu Factors

  • • Colours/ Wall Paints
  • • Flooring
  • • Artefacts
  • • Wall Clocks
  • • Pictures & Paintings
  • • Auspicious Objects for Interiors

Exterior Related Vastu Factors

  • • Elevation: Precautions
  • • Plants & Trees
  • • Adoration of Main Entrance
  • • Terrace Garden

Comforts in Modern Buildings

  • • Lift/ Elevators
  • • EPABX/ Control Panels
  • • Air Conditioners
  • • Room Heaters
  • • Air Purifiers
  • • Water Filters and Softening Plant
  • • Pool Table

Vastu for Flats, Floors & Apartments in Southern Hemisphere

  • • Value of Entrances/ Gates
  • • Lift Lobby
  • • The Factual Position
  • • Prime Vastu Entrance
  • • Energy Receivers-Balconies & Windows
  • • Precautions- Truth & reality

Can be done only after successful completion of LEVEL-3

(Remedial Vastu Course for Southern Hemisphere)
PERIOD (Duration) Minimum 15 Days (Extendable* to 3 months) FLEXIBLE
Fees/ Payments Structure 1200 USD or Equivalent Currency
(May Be Paid in FOUR Equal instalments)
Target Group Though this Level-4 is not a part of Vastu for southern Hemisphere, but an integral part & essential course that needs the Vastu corrections without demolition in Southern-Hemisphere at a site which is already built up & re-building is neither viable, nor feasible being the site on rent, newly constructed, the government-accommodation or quarters built & handed over by the local authorities. This is also useful for flats & apartments where each flat is usually the mirror image of each other & one or more Vastu defects or Vastu flaws may be traced there. In such a situation the client expects from his Vastu consultant that he will help by guiding the simple remedies or Vastu cures for the negative factors as per Vastu. Therefore, this course is designed keeping in mind that the Vastu student after becoming a qualified Vastu Consultant will definitely come across such situation when breaking the house, walls, toilets, entry, room etc is not feasible. The client also wants the logical, simple, cheapest & practical Vastu remedies. Certainly, after completing this course, the student can easily face & advise properly. This is a great help to those in distress.

The main points which may be taught in this level are:

Remedial Vastu For Residential Sites in Southern Hemisphere: Remedies for Wrongly Placed

  • • Entrance
  • • Dwar-bedh
    • o Temple, School, Hotel or Other Public Places
    • o ‘T’ Point,
    • o Other junctions like Y, V, X, Z, I etc.
    • o Pit
    • o Gate/Door facing Opposite House’s Gate
    • o Transformer,
  • • Foyer
  • • Kitchen
  • • Staircase
  • • Balconies
  • • Bedroom
  • • Drawing Room/ Living Room
  • • Wash Rooms/ Toilets
  • • Geysers for hot water
  • • Study Room
  • • Play Room
  • • Plants
  • • Dwar-Bedh/ Shar Chi
  • • Plot’s Shape
  • • Flooring
  • • Wall Paint
  • • Lift
  • • Building Height (Terrace-Height Related Factors)
  • • Floor’s Slope

  • • Entrance Gate
  • • Machines
  • • Raw Material
  • • Owners Chamber
  • • Finished Goods
  • • Accounts Department
  • • Washroom/ Toilets
  • • Stairs
  • • Building Height
  • • Shed’s Slope
  • • Floor’s Slope
  • • Canteen/ Pantry
  • • Wall Colours/ Paint
  • • Communication Towers

Remedial Vastu For Commercial Sites in Southern Hemisphere:
Remedies for Wrongly Placed

* If the student has some personal issues, time-scarcity, personal urgency, family’s priorities or health issues, he may complete the course till 3 months easily, which may further be extended for another 3 months if the student sends a request mail stating his problem. But if he/ she is unable to complete the particular level in 6 months, his candidature shall be cancelled and the fees once paid is non-refundable. All legal cases are subject to jurisdiction on Faridabad (Haryana) INDIA only.

Franchisee: The student who starts level-3 i.e. PROFESSIONAL VASTU COURSE FOR SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE may apply for getting the franchisee from IIVC to run the same courses at their places in which the reading material, certificate, letters & technical support is given by us. But the total responsibility of the courses’ validity & government approval, if needed, shall be owned by the franchisee holder. The terms & conditions, agreement & letter of Mutual understanding shall be done before the franchisee is started. Franchisee holder may call (maximum for 2-3 days) Dr. Anand Bhardwaj at his place for Convocation, Lecture, Practical Training etc. on his own full expenses. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj internationally travels only by Air in Business Class & stays in a five-star or equivalent hotel only.

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