Joining Details of Vastu Courses

Joining Details of Vastu Courses

Hi friends, …

इंटरनेट पर दी गयी जानकारी confuse कर सकती है और किताबी ज्ञान केवल टाइम-पास है- महारत हासिल करने के लिए किसी सच्चे गुरु की शरण में जाना ही पड़ेगा- वरना तो इंटरनेट देख कर और बाज़ारी किताबों से हर कोई धुरंधर DOCTOR, ADVOCATE या ENGINEER etc. बन जाता। सच यह भी है कि प्रायः इंटरनेट पर जानकारी को जान बूझकर घुमा फिरकर भ्रमित शब्दों में डाला जाता है। ज़रा सोचो हर कोई फ्री में असली व गूढ़ ज्ञान क्यों बांटेगा ? Friends, nothing is available in free in this commercial world…..

I am Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, Director International Institute of Vaidic Culture, New Delhi (INDIA) & you are going through this webpage to know details about courses being organized by IIVC

Friend (After you will join my courses, I will call you the ‘Students’.) International Institute of Vaidic Culture, New Delhi (INDIA) to which we may call IIVC, India is an international status organization which is registered by Government of NCT, NEW DELHI under the Registration Act- 1908. It has its registered office at 12, DDA, A Block, Sector-1, Sarita Vihar, Main Mathura Road, New Delhi (INDIA)

I would like to clarify 4 main features of the Institute & its coaching system:

  • 1. All the courses offered by IIVC are paid… there is no free course. Secondly there is no concession for one student… however for a group of 3 or more students, a flat concession of 25% can be availed by all three.

  • 2. All courses being run and offered by IIVC are only thru online i.e. thru emails only. However, students from India can chose courses thru Post or courier also. But they will have to pay the same fees meant for students from Southern Hemisphere & extra charges for Coloured printing & postage expenses. There is no regular classroom system at all. The medium of course matter is only English.

  • 3. IIVC is an autonomous, personal & private Institute which is an independent organization meant to impart education, research & training of Vastu Shastra, Fengshui, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Aura Reading, Numerology, Astrology & other concerned Art & Culture related occult sciences. This institute is not working under the control or command or directions of any Indian or foreign university, UGC, educational institute, training organization etc. It has absolutely no concern with any Government or Private institute or organization of any country.

  • 4. IIVC has its own management body to look after its working, development, controls & legal obligations. It is not answerable to any academic or legal body.

Students shall have to pay only the prescribed fees… for everything including issuance of your PRN i.e. Permanent Registration Number, letter of fees receipt, entire reading material, question papers, detailed guidelines, VIVA & other email communication. This I am telling you to ensure you that there are no hidden charges….. I repeat….. There are no extra or hidden charges. We don’t charge any extra amount for sending the hard copies of Letter of completion of the course, printed & laminated Vastu folder & Certificate etc. worldwide which we send thru Registered Indian Post or Courier etc. Student may collect these personally by hand also.

Students with outstanding performance are also given the ‘Certificate of Merit’.

Now I will explain you the procedure…Click here