Vastu Consultant in South Africa

Vastu For Southern Hemisphere

Vastu Consultant in South Africa

South Africa (Part of Continent):

Under this topic we will discuss about Vastu for places of southern African zones & places like Vastu for Tanzania & Vaastu for Angola. However, for Vastu consultancy services in Madagascar are to be seen from the perspective of Vastu consultancy services in Namibia & Botswana etc. So far as the best Vastu consultant in southern Africa is concerned Dr. Anand Bhardwaj may be called for Vastu consultancy & as a senior Vastu consultant and Vastu expert who provides the scientific advice on Vastu. Dr. Bhardwaj also considers the Fengshui tenets & numerology & Vastu is provided by him.

He also adds the Astrological calculations for Vastu advice in south-African countries & therefore Astro-Vastu is the best expertise for those areas. As we could understand that Vastu is the science of vibrations, energies and certainly directions that reveals about the facts that Vastu, Astro-Vastu, Fengshui & Numerology go with hand-in-hand and can help in creating the positive energies.

Vastu Consultant in South Africa

Why Vastu is different in South-Africa:

Certainly, Vastu does not do any miracle but it helps in creating the positive energies in the abode by way of simple inclusions like Vastu, Numerology, Fengshui & other related sciences. When any client wants to know in details the tenets of Vastu like Vastu for sleeping directions in Southern Hemisphere or which is the best direction in South Africa, then there is the need of logical mindset. Hence instead of working on copy-paste method in which the less experience and non-matured Vastu consultant will try to use the bookish knowledge in which only the Vedic Vastu or Vaidic Vastu-Shastra is defined, he may use those principles which is not correct.

As I wrote that more than 72% Vastu principles alter in Southern Hemisphere it means that the proper wisdom is expected from the Vastu consultant. Now which all factors should be included in doing Vastu for Southern Hemisphere, this we have defined in the same website on a different page so that one may get the free Vastu tips easily and apply in this abode. As a professionally matured, trained, highly qualified Vastu expert in Southern Hemisphere Dr. Anand Bhardwaj work on all the factors like he also advises on Vastu corrections without demolition in Southern Hemisphere. Vastu for south facing houses in Southern Hemisphere is a great topic because that is nor exactly like India. Things change with hemisphere. We also get the calculations of Fengshui, Astrological Calculations of fourth house of the horosco90pe, the Numerology and much more. We have clarified on a separate page in this website in which direction to sleep in Southern Hemisphere like South-Africa, Australia etc.

Vastu for Southern Hemisphere:

Vaastu for Southern Hemisphere is a topic which has gained much value in last one decade and most of the people call Dr.Anand Bhardwaj to get the Vastu tips for Southern Hemisphere. Now it is not an easy task to define all the Vaastu principles for whole of the countries specifically because the topography, wind direction, soil nature, climate, weather etc are mostly unlike in each country. Hence Vaastu principles for Southern Hemisphere may not be made a form of ‘Standard Thumb-rules” because the intensity of energies, directions & vibrations shall certainly be the different in different country. Truthfully speaking Vastu Shastra for Southern Hemisphere is a very vast topic which needs the brainstorming sessions.

I agree that I do not claim that I am the wisest Vastu consultant of the globe who is ultimate but my research-oriented nature & the way I contemplate deeply has put me different from an ordinary Vastu consultant. Vastu rules Southern Hemisphere itself may be changed because of the earth energy, parallel vibrations, the intensity of sunrays, the requirements and governments’ by-laws.

Which direction is positive in Southern Hemisphere?

Even the simplest topic of Vastu Shastra for home in Southern Hemisphere is also very debatable because the traditional Indian Vastu Shastri will try to apply the ready-made rules in Southern Hemisphere whereas the rules may alter to match with its scientific value & then it shall be called scientific & logical. Eating direction, sleeping direction for Southern Hemisphere, best main gate direction in Southern Hemisphere, the positive direction for study in Southern Hemisphere are few prime questions. We have tried to share the Vastu details on a separate web-page in the same website under construction so that the free Vastu tips of free Vastu guidelines for Southern Hemisphere may be grasped by a common man residing in Southern Hemisphere.

Vastu Shastra also tells which direction to sleep in south Africa and its cities. We very frequently keep on receiving mails from various countries located in Southern Hemisphere that is Vastu Shastra different in Southern Hemisphere or which direction should you sleep in South Africa or in Australia. We reply very logically & try to clarify the truth & logic so that our statement should be authentic. Even people do not know the countries, continents, cities & states located in different hemisphere and keep on writing mails like Australia is in which hemisphere, South Africa is in which hemisphere etc. feng shui Southern Hemisphere too becomes different. Southern Hemisphere head position should be against the attracting pole.