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Vastu For Southern Hemisphere

Vastu Consultant in South America

Under this heading we will discuss the application of scientific, logical & authentic Vastu for the main countries located in south America. The list includes Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay & Falkland Island. Now we will discuss Vastu for all of them turn by turn from the Vastu energy, AstroVastu, Numerology, Fengshui & vibrational science wise factors along with topography as well as from the weather, atmosphere wise so that the perfect possibilities of Vastu Shastra consultancy services may be seen through scientific Vastu Shastra from the positive energy point of view.

Vastu for Southern Hemisphere is such a vast topic that any one avoids from writing about Vaastu for Southern Hemisphere because that is very complicated. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj has mentioned at many places the main and major Vastu tips for Southern Hemisphere which are very much liked because of their logical definitions. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj has defined each Vastu factor with the help of science i.e. physics, chemistry, biology, geography & mathematics. So far as the applicability and practical aspects of Vastu are concerned, Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is one of the most famous Vastu consultants on this globe. Vaastu principles for Southern Hemisphere may be looking easy to apply but their logical application needs much presence of mind while using the fundamentals of Vastu and its part which is applicable in Southern Hemisphere.

As per Dr. Bhardwaj almost 72% Vastu principles may be changed minutely to majorly depending upon the nature & intensity of a particular Vastu factor. Vastu Shastra for Southern Hemisphere also talks about the negative factors which may be the positive factors in Northern Hemisphere but because of much opposite natures, those principles need a special attention. Vastu rules Southern Hemisphere are not going to be changed 100% but those which need the scientificality & logical explanations, they should be changed.

Vastu Consultant in South America

Differentiated Vastu tenets for Southern Hemisphere

Vastu Shastra for home in Southern Hemisphere is much different than the Vastu advice for a house in Northern Hemisphere. Similarly, sleeping direction for Southern Hemisphere also change because of the magnetic flux and its direction in Vastu Shastra. When somebody asks which direction to sleep in south-America which has a major part lying in Southern Hemisphere, then not for all countries of south-America but only those in Southern Hemisphere are defined and put forward for drawing discussions. In a grand Vastu seminar held last month, a lot of Vastu believers who belonged to the countries located in Southern Hemisphere asked me a very general but basic question is Vastu Shastra different in Southern Hemisphere. This was a very fundamental question but no one can answer this question in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. because which direction should you sleep in South America needs the logical mindset to define the magnetic pull & push theory & this theory says that no one should point head in the south in the Southern Hemisphere.

Now let us try to classify the countries like 1. South-America is in which hemisphere? The answer is it is in Southern Hemisphere. Similarly, the other sciences of the world need to be reread from the opposite hemisphere point of view. feng shui Southern Hemisphere is also to be redefined in the changed scenario & the Kua Number also goes opposite in Chinese Vastu called the Feng-shui. Southern Hemisphere head position and Northern Hemisphere head position are different from energetic point of views. Vastu for bedroom in south-America is also very important as other questions like Vastu for Pooja room in South America, Vastu for main entrance door in South America which is located in the southern-hemisphere as a major part, not full, so Vastu for best house facing, Vastu south-east facing and Vastu for south-west facing plots and houses in South America etc are very basic guidelines which are defined as the free Vastu tips for Southern Hemisphere.