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Vastu Consultant in Brazil

Brazil is the most famous and a very vast country in the Southern Hemisphere located in south America, with area of approximately 3,287,956 sq. mi, although it does lie entirely within the Southern Hemisphere. Officially named the Federative Republic of Brazil, Brasilia is the nation's capital and São Paulo is its most populous city. Given its history of significant migration, Brazil is one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries. It has dense jungles, mountains & sea beaches which attract the tourists from whole of the world. Brazil starts from Amazon basin in vineyards and too much lguacu falls in the south of it.

Raucous is the most popular festival in Brazil that has attractions like Samba music, flamboyant costumes and similar dresses and parade floats etc. Intellectually one may find many researchers, academicians, musicians, scientists & modern Vastu consultants. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is a world renowned Vastu consultant who is expert in Quadra-Vastu application. It means he always considers the Astrological part of a person who is going to construct his house, factory, office or other premises. At the same time Dr. Bhardwaj applies the numerology & Fengshui. The sum total of all these wisdoms called the Quadra-wisdom. The perfect Vastu advise in Brazil which is the part of southern-hemisphere and needs to be analysed from the scientific angles. Vastu for Brazil needs to be looked upon in reference to the entire globe and this country is located in the Southern Hemisphere.

Expertise of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj for Southern Hemisphere

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj has an expertise in scientific Vastu to do Vastu for house drawing or Vastu for house map design so that the positive energy may be created in the house interior & exterior. If someone called Dr. Bhardwaj for Vastu corrections without demolition, then one may get the Vastu expert advice from him for the already built-up house, factory, office, corporate and other sites. So Vastu for office and Vastu for commercial premises or site may be same following Vastu rules but at times the site needs to be analysed technically. As we know it well that Vastu is the science of directions and energies, it should be seen from energy prospective. Dr. Bhardwaj is such a seasoned Vastu expert, Vastu Guru & a very famous Vastu celebrity hails from India who uses multiple wisdoms together for each site.

For example, he calculates the Astro-Vastu calculations, Fengshui analytics, Numerological calculations & directional Vastu. Besides these he does the technical and instrumental Vastu also for the onsite Vastu audit or Vastu survey every time so that the best result, may be given to the valued clients. A lot of email queries come to us asking the best head pointing putting direction when sleeping at night in the Southern Hemisphere., what is the best direction for home in Southern Hemisphere? Vastu for south-east direction in Southern Hemisphere, Vastu for north-east direction and underground tanks in Southern Hemisphere etc. So for as Vastu for Southern Hemisphere is concerned, this needs very advanced mindset & perfection in Vastu consultancy services in Southern Hemisphere.

Free Vaastu tips for Southern Hemisphere

We have added the extra page which is containing all the Vastu tips for Southern Hemisphere. These are free Vastu tips for Southern Hemisphere and after reading all of these texts one can easily construct his house in Southern Hemisphere. If one is looking for the best Vastu Consultant dealing in Vastu consultancy services and one who advises to create the Positive energy and guide to stop the negativity, this page may be very helpful. Fengshui talks about the ‘Yin’ & ‘Yang’ energies which are in Indian Vastu science called the positive & negative energies.