Vastu Consultant in Uruguay

Vastu For Southern Hemisphere

Vastu Consultant in Uruguay

Under this heading we will discuss Vastu tenets for Southern Hemisphere with a central emphasis on Vastu consultancy services in Uruguay located in the South America Continent. The population of Uruguay is almost 3.5 Million and out of this number almost 1.18 million people hail in the biggest city’s like in the metropolitan surroundings and areas of capital Montevideo city. It is known for its Verdant interior and beaches-line-coats. The capital city of Montevideo locates and spreads around Plaza Independencia which was earlier the home of Spanish citadel. This goes towards the old city of Ciudad Vieja with artistically decorated buildings, colonial homes as well as the Mercado Del Puerto which is an old market with many steak houses. The famous waterfront Promenade piers and parks are the attractions of Uruguay. It has border with Argentina in the seat and Brazil in the north & East directions. There is huge Atlantic Ocean along with the eastern shores of Uruguay. The big river named as Rio de la Plata is in the south of Uruguay. Vastu can be incorporated in Uruguay because there are many people from Indian origin who have trust in Vastu, but there is a great need of getting the best Vastu consultant in Uruguay.

Vastu Consultants in Uruguay

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is a Vastu expert who is providing his Vastu consultancy services in in Uruguay which is located inside the southern-hemisphere. In a lecture overseas in a country he told that though Vastu is the science of directions and it tells how the positive energies & negative energies move. One of the participants questioned “What is negative energy & how to see? Can we see the negative energies? Can I feel the negative energies and can I control and change the negative energies? Yes, Dr Bhardwaj answered. He told we can check them with the help of instruments and certainly clairvoyant persons like me can easily sense and see those energies. Today we can easily convert a Vastu negative house into Vastu positive house by way of using vaastu corrections without demolition techniques which cost almost nothing. Vastu for south facing concept in Uruguay which is located inside the southern-hemisphere is not as assumed in the Northern Hemisphere.

Vastu is the science of directions & when Dr. Bhardwaj ads Fengshui, Astro-Vastu, Numerology and vibrational sciences together, it may work nice & we may get the results. Where to keep the head direction to sleep at in Uruguay which is located inside the southern-hemisphere is a very simple question. This question & a lot of other queries are addressed on a separate page in this website. Free Vaastu tips on page are defined the simple guidelines for construction of a house, an industry, a commercial complexes & a large scale industries & factories in Uruguay located in the southern-hemisphere. Finding the best Vastu Consultant dealing in Vastu consultancy services in Uruguay, the southern-hemisphere may become easy if one tries to explore on the internet. Certainly, one may hire the services of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj who may give the Vastu advise for house map or house design & its interior & exteriors very logically. He may visit any country on the request of the client residing anywhere in the world. Positive energy and negative energy are known as ‘Yin’ & ‘Yang’ energies in Chinese mythology & Indian Vastu also talks about those energies.