Slope of Land in Southern Hemisphere

Slope of Land in Southern Hemisphere

Importance of Plot/ Lot & Land Slope in Southern Hemisphere:

Looking at the topography, slope of plot, Lot or Land is a major factor in Southern Hemisphere especially in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mauritius & other countries located in southern hemisphere. The slop of plot or land in Australia is not even. The land slope is either high in one corner or half of the lot is having the slanting slope. But from Vastu shastra point of view, almost 75% to 80% slopes do not adhere to the law of Vastu. On the other hand, it looks to be very difficult to do one side of the plot upside down.The coastal areas have the same problem. The raw or hard hills, small mountainous regions and local dunes are often creating problem in the way to construct a site as per Vastu shastra.

Vastu Rules for southern hemisphere:

As we defined that almost 62% Vastu principles are different in southern hemisphere, so we have to take care that 100 A% Indian Vedic Vastu rules should not be applied in Australia. Vastu remedies for North slope has to be seen from the remedial angle whereas this is truth that the slope may be in any direction in Australia, but south-east slope Vastu remedies do not constitute to be crucialbecause we have been defining that many Vastu rules in Australia change. south west slope remedies are defined which are hardly practical. slope in south west Vastu in any area except the southern hemisphere including Australia. Backyard slope Vastu is dependent upon the factors as which direction is backyard portion. north-west slope Vastu remedies for southern hemisphere are different from the northern hemisphere Vastu rules. house below road level Vastu generally create problem in rainy season.

Carefully Checking the Slope of Plots/ Lots/ Land

As an independent subject slope of land looks to be as simple as uttering this word but it comes under the vast subject of vastu for floor level that includes descriptions about house below road level vastu. The slope of land or slope of earth or slope of lot may be in any direction and as per vastu that direction may not be having the coherent relation with that particular direction. For example,north-west slope vastu remedies may be different from those of backyard slope vastu. This is a bitter truth that no one can get everything as he desired because everything is destined. So as per Vastu expert I can say that if a client is calling me then certainly there may be a competition between the negative vibes & your Vastu consultant because the Vastu consultantknows hoe to defeat the bad vibrations and get victory to his client. The other aspect is that the time was needing any excuse to change in to glorious ones & you found the right & perfect Vastu consultant. This s also symptom that defines that your good time is ahead but was waiting for guide like you hired your noble Vastu consultant. slope of land as per vastu needs remedies. For example,south west slope remedies and south west slope vastu remedies need the f9illing of the land on one side. The other side will automatically go down. which side of house should be higher and which side of the plot ort lot should be deeper are the questions of big concern?vastu for slope of land

Is a very descriptive matter that needs the correct and accurate directional slopes bvuteast slope vastu remedies and south-east slope vastu remedies may be 50% similar but more deep study about the earth energy be traced on site itself.

I advise everyone to leave all the fake paradigm in Vastu & contact the best Vastu consultant who shall be your guide to tell which slope is good & which slope of Land is Bad. He will also narrate the remedies & cures for each negative slope.

Land Slope in Australia:

In australia the slope should not be in north. Vastu for floor level in entire australia, south Africa, new south wales and Mauritius all are interrelated. Vastu for bedroom in australia is different from Vastu for India, Vastu for Europe and Vastu for north America. Vastu in australia is more dependent upon the land slop in australia. I found a site in Brisbane and the other in Sydney which had multiple slopes. Therefore, we always try to give useful Vastu tips for southern hemisphere and open write and reply the queries is Vastu different in southern hemisphere which is essential part of Vastu shastra for home in southern hemisphere. If by change one is getting a lot in australia with west slope Vastu remedies and at the same time Vastu remedies for south slope then top care be taken.

Value of Slope in Vastu Shastra:

In fact, slope is an important factor in northern hemisphere as well as southern hemisphere which may put major positive or negative impacts on the building and as a result of that change the energy intake phenomena also effected badly. Therefore, if the slope is in south in the southern hemisphere, no need to worry but in that case the entire house should be made in tandem to the Vastu rules which certainly are closely connected with the comfort and discomfort of the family members who shall be living. Similarly, the slope in industrial plot or in an office are is also equally important.