Southern Hemisphere Vastu

Southern Hemisphere Vastu

Applying Vastu in Southern Hemisphere- A Very Sensitive Matter

There are various reasons why most of the Vastu principles change in southern-hemisphere. In fact no Vastu factor changes in Southern Hemisphere but Vastu For Southern Hemisphere is separately written with logical application from the traditional Indian Vedic Vastu. Therefore, the maximum care & presence of mind is needed for this crucial but very useful science. It is not the piece-of-pie for an ordinary Vastu consultant. This work needs knowledge, analysing ability, a high intellect & proper expertise. We may have seen many houses in Southern Hemisphere which are good to see but there may be some negative feeling inside the house.

Complex Calculations & Application

In our expertise we consider the topography, wind direction, local climate, weather, yearly sun path, the seasons, the requirement of client, the local administration’s guidelines & many more factors. Hence in this way the calculations of Vastu for Southern Hemisphere become very complicated… But we assume that if we take up each factor one-by-one, the activity becomes not only perfect but interesting also. Here we will discuss Vastu for many places like: Vastu For Brazil, Vastu For Chile, Vastu For Uruguay, Vastu For Argentina, Vastu For Colombia, Vastu For Mauritius, Vastu For New Zealand, Vastu For South Africa, Vastu For Oceania, Vastu For New Guinea, Vastu For Fiji, Vastu For Melbourne, Vastu For Brisbane, Vastu For Perth, Vastu For Adelaide, Vastu For Gold Coast, Vastu For Newcastle, Vastu in Canberra. Then only we can apply the conditional Vastu tenets on every place in the world. So never copy-paste the basic knowledge on every site- Says Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

Energy Levels- Very Crucial for a good life

Besides the above, the physical Vastu survey on site in any country & state becomes 100% accurate because in this exercise Dr Anand Bhardwaj visits the plot and checks various energies like:

  • 1. Earth Energy: Should be minimum at par with that what is applicable in India- It may be few decimals above or more.
  • 2. Parallel vibrations should be less than what is found in other areas,
  • 3. Hard Vibration- The level should be least- Preferably below 2
  • 4. Soft vibrations should be static- The high fluctuation may create the problem like insomnia & fertility
  • 5. Tele vibrations should be within limit in 500 meters around the site where the building is going to be erected.
  • 6. Cosmic energies should be minimum 62.5% positive.
  • 7. The directional alignments is not much important if the above vibes become positive.
  • 8. The drawing can be easily drafted in tune to the Vastu for Southern Hemisphere

We have defined all the above very logically in further pages. In fact Vastu for Southern Hemisphere should be studied from various angles. For example Vaastu for Southern Hemisphere is such a subject that needs the analytical mindset of a good Vastu consultant who could provide the best and easiest Vastu tips for Southern Hemisphere. Till now it is made clear that all the Vedic Vastu principles which are applied in Indian and in Indian continent, they should not be copy-pasted in the Southern Hemisphere. In fact Vaastu principles for Southern Hemisphere largely depend upon many physical factors like the directions, locations, energies, flow of vibes in various directions and of course the scientific Vastu factors which are truthfully applied in Vastu Shastra for Southern Hemisphere. If any one who is anxious to analyse and do the critical analysis based on comparison of Vastu in eastern hemisphere, western hemisphere and similarly studying Vastu rules Southern Hemisphere then really a logical presence of mind is very essential to exercise true Vastu. Vastu Shastra for home in Southern Hemisphere may contain many factors like:

  • ✔ Vastu for main gate in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ The best Vastu for main door in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Vastu for Pooja place in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Most appropriate Vastu for masters bedroom in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Vastu for staircase in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Vastu for kitchen in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Best directions of plot in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Best facing of house in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Which facing is best in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Direction and facing of w.c. or toilet seat in Southern Hemisphere
  • ✔ Study face in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Anticlock or clockwise rotation of stairs in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Where to place heavy machines in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Best place for raw material in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Appropriate direction for cooking face in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Vastu for roof slope and floor slope in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Recommended best directions of Vastu for toilets and washroom in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ The best direction in Vastu for Septic Tank in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Where to place in Vastu for underground water storage tank in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Vastu for borewell in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ Vastu for swimming pool in Southern Hemisphere,
  • ✔ South-east direction in Southern Hemisphere
  • ✔ North- east direction in Southern Hemisphere

One of the most crucial questions which we face is sleeping direction for Southern Hemisphere according to Vastu Shastra. In the same tune we should know which direction to sleep in Australia. All the answers may be got from the sensitive factor of Vaasthu Sastra when it is asked with curiosity that is Vastu Shastra different in Southern Hemisphere? If the answer is in yes then the next question pops up as which direction should you sleep in Australia. Now the answer depends upon many factors which may be searched in many factors and the most important factor lies in the question as Australia is in which hemisphere. The students of geography know well that certainly Australia lies in the Southern Hemisphere. Those believing in Chinese fengshui may ask feng shui Southern Hemisphere and accordingly the next question in sequence is Southern Hemisphere head position as per fengshui and vaastu Shastra.

Vastu for bedroom in australia largely and mainly depends upon the room position, head direction, feet sides, room’s shape and life style. Vastu for Pooja room in Australia is also a common query in Australia. Vastu in Melbourne may be different from the Vedic Vastu which is applied in India and people often look for Indian Vastu Consultant of Vastu experts from India. The best Vastu consultant in Australia is also the factor which should be taken care. The detailed guidelines for a house are defined in the same website in separate page under construction.

Southern Hemisphere Vastu

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