Vastu Consultant in Major cities in Australia

Vastu For Southern Hemisphere

Vastu Consultant in Major Cities in Australia

Vastu for Port Hedland: Vastu for Port Hedland city of Australia is the part of Scientific Vastu which is similar to the Vastu for Southern Hemisphere & all the Vastu tenets are same for other cities’ Vastu like Vastu consultants in Dampier, Vastu consultant in Alice Springs & the best Vastu consultants in Fremantle. So far as the Vastu consultancy services in or at New Castle & Vastu for Launceston are concerned, the similar Vastu rules are applied in Southern Hemisphere as defined in the first topic of “Vastu for southern Hemisphere. No doubt there are Vastu consultants in Australia and they are also working for Gladstone, Mackay, Cairns, Townsville & Albury. These are also the good cities where lot of Indians reside & they do believe in Vastu very much but not all believe in Vastu. Hence it is the top responsibility of the professional Vastu consultant at Armidale, Blue Mountains, Wollongong, Wagga Wagga & Parramatta to handle the situation so that the Vastu for drawing or Vastu for house map be made as per Vastu & if in the big & most famous cities of Australia like Tamworth, Grafton, Lithgow, Goulburn, Orange & Penrith residents & Vaastu believers are in need of Vastu advice for already built up houses at Queanbeyan, Albury, Bathurst, Broken, Hill, Cessnock, Campbelltown & Dubbo, then Vastu for homes in Australia has to carry the logical & scientific Vastu tenets which may be authentic because Dr Anand Bhardwaj (9811656700) has already defined every logic behind using the Southern Hemisphere Vastu & did not use the Vedic Vastu which is prevalent in India and Indian sub-continent.

Now everybody has started realising that Vastu is the science of directions and various ways on which the different energies move. Vastu is also associated with the creative or plus or Positive energies in Vastu which is an olden science and there is one more wisdom called the Astrology. Hence Astro-Vastu is a combination of which is Vastu & astrology, the Indian Vastu & Indian Astrology and other Astrology-like sciences are developed in different parts of the world. For the requirement of pour viewers and readers we have described in all the details of Vastu in Southern Hemisphere and principles of Vastu in Australia. We have also taken up the main Vastu tips on Vastu for Southern Hemisphere. Now if one is looking for the best Vastu consultant in his country or city, certainly he should surf and see the comparative analysis of all the Vastu experts which is slightly lengthy & difficult exercise because on internet websites all 100% Vastu consultants write that he is the best Vastu consultant but if one uses the presence of mind, he may differentiate the true and fake Vastu shastri who can give the very honest Vastu suggestions without demolition.
All cures, remedies and Vastu treatment as are advised without demolition. Certainly, we have already described in which direction to sleep in Southern Hemisphere like Australia, South Africa, Chile and other countries located in Southern Hemisphere. Fengshui is also included by us which is applied in Southern Hemisphere because the Kua numbers are absolutely opposite in the southern-hemisphere. There is a need of properly and professionally trained, qualified, experienced and matured Vastu Consultant or Vastu Expert who should also see that numerology, Astro-Vastu, directional Vastu, Fengshui and other related knowledge should also be included for the proper results.

  • ✔ Vastu for Port Hedland
  • ✔ Dampier City
  • ✔ Alice Springs areas,
  • ✔ Fremantle township
  • ✔ New Castle
  • ✔ Launceston and surroundings
  • ✔ Gladstone,
  • ✔ Mackay,
  • ✔ Cairns,
  • ✔ Townsville & Albury.
  • ✔ Vastu for Armidale,
  • ✔ Blue Mountains,
  • ✔ Wollongong,
  • ✔ Wagga Wagga &
  • ✔ Parramatta
  • ✔ Tamworth,
  • ✔ Grafton,
  • ✔ Lithgow,
  • ✔ Goulburn,
  • ✔ Orange & Penrith
  • ✔ Queanbeyan,
  • ✔ Albury,
  • ✔ Bathurst,
  • ✔ Broken Hill,
  • ✔ Cessnock,
  • ✔ Campbelltown & Dubbo

Scientific Vastu for few most modern & developed cities of Australia

There exists a list of cities which includes the list of cities in Australia and Vastu for these cities is also to be considered under the heading of Vastu in Southern Hemisphere. For example: The City of Canada Bay, City of Fairfield, City of Coffs Harbour & City of Hawkesbury are very prominent and good cities which are already developed but it is thought by the people from Indian origin or from Hindu mythology believers that if a person is going to build a house, that should get the best & positive energies & stop the negative energies. This is defined in Vastu Shastra. Similarly, there are more cities which may need the Vastu services from world’s most renowned Vastu consultant Dr Anand Bhardwaj then may be the client will have to call Dr. Bhardwaj for getting the most advanced, technical & logical Vastu applied in these cities. City of Griffith, City of Lake Macquarie, City of Blacktown, City of Lithgow, City of Lismore and City of Maitland are the cities where the big corporates are operating & doing addition to the prosperity of Australia & if the people of Australia who strongly believe in Vastu should use the logical Vastu that is scientific & hence it shall be authentic.
City of Randwick, City of Shellharbour, City of Ryde, City of Shoalhaven, City of Willoughby are also of the same status & Vastu consultants in these cities may be using the traditional Vastu which was being used in India from generations. However, these cities are well planned.

In Southern Hemisphere the Vastu believers keep on searching for the best Vastu Consultants who could guide Vastu and its remedies without demolition. Certainly, this is not difficult to understand as Vastu is a science of directions & the directions may be checked with the help of directional compass easily. If one wants to get the complete benefit of the vibrations of Vastu energies one should get the numerology and Astro-Vastu included in the Vastu advice. The positive energy is the main aim of getting Vastu done. If the Vastu principles alter in Southern Hemisphere then it must be known in which direction to sleep in Southern Hemisphere like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand etc. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj also includes the Fengshui calculations so that the benefit of Ba-gua may also be added. Certainly, a professionally trained, properly qualified and matured Vastu consultant may have the quality to calculate all the possible & best component of life’s positivity.