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Vastu Consultant in South Africa Country

Under this heading we will try to discuss Vastu for the countries which are located in Africa but in the southern side of the equator. In this list we may take up South Africa, Zambia & Lesotho etc. In fact the continent Africa is a large continent having many countries. Actually all l the Vastu tenets which are applicable in Northern Hemisphere, cannot be and should not be applied on whole of the world universally in the same manner. But south Africa is a country with a lot of difference in landscape and hence Vastu principles should be applied with great care.

A perfectly trained, experienced & professionally qualified Vastu expert can do proper Vastu Audit & may consider the Fengshui tenets also while studying various positive & negative impacts of Vastu Shastra & Fengshui together so that the proper Vastu analysis may be done & Vastu corrections without demolition may be applied easily. In the next related page, we will define how Vastu tenets should be applied in south-Africa That page will also explain various principles of Vastu & fengshui which may be defined through science. Those pages will explain how to construct a house or a building in south-Africa with the help of Vastu Sastra. The Vedic wisdom when applied properly & logically with reference to the south-African weather & climate then the contents should be differently defined by the Vastu consultant and he should have the logical reasonings for applying the diverse type of Vastu tenets. But the application of such Vastu principles should be authentic & should bear the solid scientific reasonings. Then only the professional Vastu consultant may say that he is not an ordinary Vastu expert but he works on scientific Vastu.

As the country of South Africa is itself located in the Southern Hemisphere, therefore the best Vastu consultant should use his full expertise when advising the client who is really a Vastu believer. The client may ask any question like which direction should I sleep in South Africa located in the Southern Hemisphere. If the human being wants to get the benefits of positive energies and stop the negative energies from entering into the abode, certainly one should look at the internet and surf to check the best Vastu consultant available in the world. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is based in New Delhi India and he visits personally to all countries. As South Africa located in the Southern Hemisphere and Vastu lovers needs many queries to ask like sir where I should point my heads when I go to bed in the South Africa located in the Southern Hemisphere. All the answers are elaborated and details are there on the last pages in the site so that by reading the free Vastu tips for South Africa located in the Southern Hemisphere may be used by a common man.

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is a very highly qualified Vastu consultant working for long this profession which is associated with the positive vibrations. Hence, he calculates the fourth-house of the horoscope of the house owner & he also tells the client if he is interested in getting Fengshui advice too South Africa located in the Southern Hemisphere. Certainly, a Large percentage of clients are always anxious to get the advantage of Vastu with Astro-Vastu or Astrology with Vastu Shastra.