Vastu Consultant in South-East Asia

Vastu For Southern Hemisphere

Vastu Consultant in South-East Asia

There are few countries located in the Asian continent like Indonesia which lies on the equator but some part of Indonesia lies in Southern Hemisphere & some part in Northern Hemisphere. So as per Vaastu Shastra rules for Vedic Vaastu science are different.

Similarly, East Timor which is in south-east Asia, should be following the Vastu rules meant for their specific hemisphere because Vastu is a great science of directions and guides how to get the benefits from the positive energies in a built-up house.

If the construction work is over in South-east Asian country, located at southern-hemisphere, then Vastu corrections without demolition or Vastu cures and Vastu remedies without breaking the structure is there. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is a Vastu expert who is master in that.

Vastu Consultant in South-East Asia

Vastu Consultants in South-East Asia

Vastu for Southern Hemisphere is such a vast topic that can not be completed in few pages. Therefore, we have added one extra page to define all the rules of Vaastu for Southern Hemisphere. If one tries to go deep for analysing the true Vastu principles meant for the globe then certainly we should divide the globe in two parts. The upper part above the equator line is the Northern Hemisphere and the lower part of the globe is called the Southern Hemisphere. Vastu tips for Southern Hemisphere explain how the energy science of direction which is called Vaastu Shastra works & what are the logics behind these great principles. In fact, in China this almost same concept is known as the FENGSHUI which is also a science of directions and energies.

Vaastu principles for Southern Hemisphere are different from the Vastu principles meant for Northern Hemisphere. Vastu Shastra for Southern Hemisphere is gaining very much popularity now a days because like astrology, pyramidology, Pyra-Vastu, numerology etc are also gaining much prominence and the Vastu believers are increasing day-by-0day in almost all the countries. So, the number of Vastu consultants is also increasing day-by-day. Vastu rules Southern Hemisphere were very less known in previous decades but with the inclusion and activity of global internet, this science has become very popular in the world especially South-east Asian country, located at southern-hemisphere. Vastu Shastra for home in Southern Hemisphere covers many basic to advanced things & guides how to decorate the Alevation, sides & plans as per Architectural science clubbed with the Vastu Vigyan.

Differentiating Vastu for southern-hemisphere

So, there is great possibility to understand the contribution of Vastu in modern day life style and try to understand how the positive Vastu energy may be created inside the house for interiors. So Vastu for wall colours in South-east Asian country, located at southern-hemisphere is also of the same importance. sleeping direction for Southern Hemisphere may be different from another hemisphere as per logical Vastu Shastra.

So which direction to sleep in australia, in south-Africa, in southern parts of Indonesia, in South-America etc are to be discussed with great confidence but at the same time the authenticity shall require that these Vastu principles be narrated ted with science and logics. is Vastu Shastra different in Southern Hemisphere”? is a very common question to which we have replied on a different large page which is attached to this URL. which direction should you sleep in australia and Australia is in which hemisphere and feng shui Southern Hemisphere are the common queries which Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, the senior Vastu consultant receives very frequently to define many factors including Southern Hemisphere head position, Vastu for bedroom in australia, Vastu for Pooja room in southern-hemisphere etc are very common queries. But as per Dr. Anand Bhardwaj if someone is really Vaastu Shastra follower and want to make a perfect Vastu friendly house then self is not the proper way because Vastu advice has to define more than one hundred Vastu factors to be incorporated while making a house, an industry, a shop or showroom etc in South-east Asian country, located at southern-hemisphere.