Vastu for Logo

Vastu For Logo (For Southern Hemisphere):

We advise on Logo as per Vibrational Science, Numerology, Vastu, Designing, Colours etc so that they become positive. In logo advice we provide:

  • ➢ Logo design advice
  • ➢ Company name Numerology advice,
  • ➢ Visiting Cards Designing as per Vastu,
  • ➢ Letter Heads designing guidance as per Vastu.

(We do not design or make any logo, stationery etc. we only advise how to select and re-design)

For professional LOGO consultation we need:

  • 1. Names of the active owners,
  • 2. Date of Birth of all the active owners,
  • 3. Company's full Name & Address (not full... only plot number, site number, street number etc which are numeric)
  • 4. Business & area of operations of the company,
  • 5. Few Logos as per my broad guidelines, I will define all of them preference wise, and suggest if any change is to be done in design, colour, style etc. I do not design logo. that you have to design as per your concept.
  • 6. My professional fees as decided to be transferred online.
  • 7. I shall submit my opinion and suggestions within 48 hours.

    • A. The calculations shall be based on Numerology, Logo Vibration analysis, Astro, Vastu and other related occult sciences.
    • B. Fees depends upon the nature of business, size & nature of advice (on emails & on site itself)