Free Vastu Tips For Southern Hemisphere

Free Vastu Tips For Southern Hemisphere

Free Vastu tips for Vastu for Southern Hemisphere:

Vastu for Sleeping Direction in Southern Hemisphere:

Where to put head while sleeping in southern hemisphere like Australia, Mauritius, South Africa, Chile, Indonesia, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina, New Zealand etc. is a question of big concern because this factor is associated with our sound sleep and good health. To decide from real scientific & geographical fact, look at the magnetic energy attraction poles because the pulling pole should not be in the same direction of head and magnetic pole. So never put head pointed in the south in Southern Hemisphere. The other next directions are to be decided after calculating the Fengshui & Astro parts. To few people the second-best direction for putting head is west and for few east. If the consultant calls us on site, then we may check the 1st, 2nd & 3rd. directions for sleeping in Southern Hemisphere.

Free Vastu Tips For Southern Hemisphere

There are instruments, tools & sensors to check the best & most positive direction to sleep. However theoretically the second & third directions to keep head while sleeping in southern hemisphere is a question that depends upon many factors. Hence, it is always advised to take the professional advice and accurate Vastu consultation. It is best to call the Vastu consultant at your place & get the 100% accurate, scientific, logical & authentic professional Vastu advice from a truly expert Vastu Consultant. That may be the real professional & honest advice. The above is in tandem to the opposite rule of Vastu applicable in the Northern Hemisphere.

In fact, taking the on-site Vastu advice should not to be treated as expenses but a life-time asset that becomes the elaborate real facts and figures. Such Vastu report & guidelines may become one of the most valuable assets for family & the same shall be very useful for generations together. This is what most of the Vastu loving people do & keep safe the Vastu report so that next generations may refer in case of any addition or alteration is done ever in future. Believe it; if your Vastu consultant is really a genuine person then after his true and honest Vastu consultation no need to call any vastu consultant ever in life.

Vastu for Pooja Place in Southern Hemisphere:

As we know that Pooja is a sacred activity that should be done very religiously. We all want to get the real benefits from the worship or devotion. Therefore, this should be treated as the most sacred work and be done with true devotion. Such spiritual deed should be so placed that it always showers the blessings on us and we may keep on getting the good health, wealth, family harmony and social recognition. These are what we expect from the almighty. The direction of east is the direction of Lord sun all over the world. Hence east may be the good direction for Pooja place but in southern-hemisphere, the direction of east-south is to be considered the best. Certainly, the devotee should face east while doing Pooja. This is the thumb-rule as per logical & scientific Vastu that denotes same vibrations which are received from Pooja place in the northern hemisphere like India & Indian continent located in the northern-hemisphere.

If we go deep into the interior & positioning & placement of Pooja, that largely depends upon facing of Gods & Deities we place in Pooja room because each God & Goddess is recognised from His or Her mood, department, intension, nature and temperament level. For example, in northern hemisphere, the pose of Lord Hanuman ji is appreciated facing south, Lord Ganesha, Bramha, Vishnu Ji, Kartikeya & Lord Indra in west, hot tempered Gods & goddesses like Maa Kali, Chandi Devi, Durga Ji in tempered mood etc. to be facing south. However, in office or in cash room the pose of Lord Kuber be so aligned that it faces the north because in northern hemisphere north is the direction of Lord Kuber. Avoid any God or Goddess or deity facing east. However, in different situation the devotee may also face west if he has no time in morning due to rushing fast to the office & they may prefer doing Pooja in the evening with calm & quite mood.

The above directions which are defined for northern hemisphere, should be opposite in the southern hemisphere. In fact religion related all subjects may face dispute or disagreement among the Pujari, Astrologer, Vastu Consultant & Gurus but I believe that any consultant pointing out on anything, should agree to the real explanation by the learned persons. Keeping the idols or pose of Lord Shiva is still a subject that needs more study & analysis. The Tulsi plant (basil plant) should be placed anywhere from middle of east to south-east in Southern Hemisphere.

Vastu for Study in Southern Hemisphere:

The study room is always best between middle of east & east-south in southern hemisphere. While studying the student should face east. However for higher classes, board exams, competition preparation and other career-making targeted study the Astro & fengshui part is also considered for more accurate study area and facing by the student. However, if the client calls us at his house then more precisely the energy levels are checked with the help of Vastu technology in which we use certain tools, sensors and scanners. That is ultimate & correct to 100% in which we find the best sitting area for student & his facing direction too. Vastu for study also includes the location, direction & placement of books & computer. Sometimes the study tools & instruments are also needed to be placed by the engineering students, then their appropriate place is always middle of west.

The soft board should be fixed on the front wall. The best study room is defined an area wherein the student has a solid wall in the back & open horizons in front. The same rule is applied on all over the globe be it the northern hemisphere or southern hemisphere. Therefore, few rules of Vastu for students & Vastu for study table remain same in both of the hemisphere and some rules change.

Vastu for Kitchen in Southern Hemisphere:

Where the kitchen should be located in the southern hemisphere is also a routine question that has a very complex answer. In fact this is related to the exact location of the particular area, city or town because in one continent the length of it from north to south defines that there may be substantial change in climate, weather, wind direction and other topographical reasons. For example, Australia is a continent that spreads from north to south is many thousands kilometre and hence there are a lot of differences. The northern part is much closer to the northern hemisphere & southern end of Australia is purely close to the southern pole near Antarctica. Therefore, the Vastu advice for kitchen becomes a challenging question. If the wind flow is opposite then the direction and location of gas stove inside the kitchen becomes opposite, As a thumb rule when any one is avoiding to go deep in minute and accurate analysis of the kitchen as per Vastu we may say that face east while cooking & have your kitchen in the northeast. It may be in the other directions if that direction supports the person.

A lot of precautions should be taken when fixing the kitchen. But this is only a standing guideline whereas minute analysis would be better to achieve the accuracy. For example, the sink should be in proper direction with taps to wash. Sometimes there is two or three sinks water arrangements in a kitchen. The same not to be on the same slab where the cook-top is placed. The colours of slab not to be of dark colours especially it should never be black otherwise the platform or counter of the kitchen may become negative. The utility with kitchen should be positively placed as defines and the dish washer to be on the right below the slab. The washing machine should also be placed inside the kitchen if the kitchen is designed that way, but it is not necessary that the clothes washing machine is to be fixed inside the kitchen. Certainly, it may also be outside in the direction of disposal as per vastu applied for the southern hemisphere.

In detailed & minute analysis of a kitchen anywhere in the world, especially in the southern hemisphere the analysis of various energies & vibrations is calculated with the help of longitudes and latitudes. These variables are the key points behind setting a kitchen and cooking face direction. The above accuracy may be done only when someone is looking for the onsite Vastu advice or a professional on-line advice. In that activity the client has to tell in which city he is from.

Vastu for Washroom & Toilet in Southern Hemisphere:

In southern hemisphere the location, direction and setting of toilets are done in accordance with the government rules and regulations because the local administration of most of the countries had already fixed the sever man hole from where the dirty water will be managed by the local authorities. Therefore, there are very less choices of the client to fix their washrooms or toilets in the area in house or on the advice of a Vastu consultant. However, in case of a wash room wherein only the place is going to be used for taking bath, there are very less limitations but in case of a toilet wherein the water closet is also fixed have to see the practicality to fix it.

Though there are proper rules and regulations for putting the dirty area, w.c. and washing etc but it has limitations to be placed along with the bedroom where the attached toilet is conceptualised. Sometimes a powder room is also drafted for the convenience purpose. That is used by the visitors and guests only. However sometimes the powder room itself solves the purposes of a personal toilet at night when the drawing room door opening of the powder room is closed and room door attaching to the toilet is opened. In this way the single toilet may solve the purpose of powder room and personal toilet attached to room. Mostly in modern houses there is a concept of attached toilets and washrooms.

In these toilets there is a dressing area and in bigger houses there are walk-in-closets too. As a thumb rule the toilet should be in middle of west. However other options like option-2, option-3 and option 4 are also available, but one should try to go for the best option. in the southern hemisphere. It may also be in the middle of north direction but still we have to calculate the lucky directions as per fengshui because what happens at times that we designed the toilet best as per vastu but as per astrology or as per fengshui the same may be harm full. So, a lot of calculations should be done before deciding the location and directions of the wash rooms and toilets.

Vastu for other utilities in Southern Hemisphere:

  • • The Broom and shoes should never be placed in the east direction. There are several directions which are good to use for keeping the shoes. The shoes are generally dirty and count in the negative objects, but it is very essential part of our life. If house is treated as an auspicious place, then the shoes to be placed in the lower-category directions. Similarly, broom is also a negative cleaning instrument but it is really very useful. So, try to keep it near the area where are the shoes placed. They should never be in the east in southern hemisphere. The scarp has to follow the same rule and no scrap to be in the east like shoes and broom.

  • • The regard to east direction or Lord Sun remains unchanged because sun is the biggest energy source but look at the spirituality-based deeds like Pooja, devotion, worship may be aligned as per deity, faith & other parameters.

  • • Try using maximum sun light from south and west directions.

  • • The most important factor for Southern Hemisphere for choosing the best directions of facing of:

Best Facing of House,

Shop best facing in Southern Hemisphere

  • a. Vastu for south-east facing in Southern Hemisphere… etc have to follow the rules as defined here
  • b. Vastu for south facing home in ...

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Vastu Remedies (Vastu Defects Curing) Without Demolition:
(Vastu Corrections Without Demolition)

The bitter truth about the constructions & building structures is that it is very difficult to find the perfect vastu compliant house, flat, apartment, shop, showroom, warehouse or a villa in southern hemisphere and we have to do the vastu cures/ vastu remedies or vastu corrections that too without demolition. Even most of the times we find it very difficult to find the plot or a lot as per vastu in southern hemisphere. There are a number of obstacles in getting a site of choice because buying or renting a property may need following parameters to fulfil with certain limitations:

  • 1. The location of the site should match with our requirement,
  • 2. The size of the lot or plot or house should fulfil our family’s requirements,
  • 3. The neighbourhood should be very comfortable and as per our status, standard and life concept,
  • 4. The price of the property should meet our pocket-size,
  • 5. The possibilities of getting appropriate loan in terms of amount, the instalments periods, flexibility factor, terms and conditions of the financial institution or bank etc should match our paying capacities,
  • 6. The property should not be disputed……

and so on…..

at the same time, we have to check that the property should also be vastu acquiescent in southern hemisphere.

Certainly, it is very difficult to find a perfect Vastu compliant house, flat, apartment or commercial sites in southern hemisphere. If one is a Vastu believer & he finds a factory, shop, showroom, restaurant, hotel or hospital for business purpose as per vastu, he is really a very lucky person.

We, as seasoned, experienced, trained and qualified vastu consultant assess any site taking into consideration various factors in southern hemisphere. Let us clarify the second bitter truth that one cannot find already built up 100% Vastu compliant property in southern hemisphere…. However, if the site is made after buying a Lot or plot & then the construction is done, we expect enough perfection in this case and the reasonable vastu applicability may be done in southern hemisphere in continents and countries like Australia, Brazil, Mauritius, south Africa, Argentina, Peru, chile, Indonesia, brazil and New Zealand etc.

One may find that from few to all factors may be against vastu in southern hemisphere because in one property the kitchen, toilets & entry may be negative as per Vastu whereas in other property the bedrooms, stairs & wash area be against Vastu tenets. Similarly, in the other case the facing of the house may be negative with having garage in negative direction as per vastu in southern hemisphere. We receive a number of house drawings, pictures and videos etc wherein we have to check the vastu and report the percentage of house as how much vastu friendly is the house. Sometimes we find that the site is almost ok as per vastu, but having any one or two serious vastu factors carried by the site in southern hemisphere. In other case the house is calculated from vastu angle and we find that the entire house is anti vastu. The next example confirms of its being 50-50 vastu and non-vastu compliant.

How do we rate a property in terms of percentage?

Yes, certainly this question may strike to anyone’s mind which is but natural. We, as seasoned and matured vastu consultant assess the property in southern hemisphere on various parameters:

  • ✔ As per visual Vastu, i.e. whatever is visible, we valuate on the basis of that existing situation,
  • ✔ Onsite we check the earth energy, parallel aggressions, intermittent vibrations, cosmic vibrations, hard energies and soft vibrations. We may also check other factors like feelers, technical vibes and scientific applications of the factors which are not as per vastu rules. Computerised scanning system is also used on site in southern hemisphere,
  • ✔ The grid system is also adopted wherever applicable,
  • ✔ Clients’ family size & his requirements parameters,
  • ✔ Various combinations & permutations to assess the property,
  • ✔ The positioning and placement of various utilities inside the property, the vibrations of neighbourhood,
  • ✔ Checking from Fengshui point of views that the site should be positive for all,
  • ✔ The numerology of the house or site & corrections of the same without changing the number of the site,
  • ✔ Caring the by-laws laid by the local authorities & Government norms,
  • ✔ Other crucial parameters which may vary situation to situation,

Certainly, we are ahead of a common Vastu consultant because we are experts in vastu corrections thru:

  • ✔ Petty home remedies which are not expensive at all,
  • ✔ Practical setting of the site furniture’s etc.
  • ✔ Sticker method used which is almost costless,
  • ✔ Positioning & placement of family members may be altered/ interchanged,
  • ✔ In tedious or serious Vastu defects we advise on using Crystoyera, nailing & other methods,
  • ✔ We advise on placing the cash box/ tijauri/ chest etc. at the most positive area and direction meant for financial growth,
  • ✔ We advise to shift to the best and most positive bedroom as per vastu so that sound sleep, good health and harmony be kept intact.

Certainly, in all the above cases there is no need of demolition of even any wall, toilet, part or object etc. in southern hemisphere. This makes us different and far ahead.

There are more Vastu remedies which are also very simple. We take care that the remedy should be viable & feasible. However we try to recommend such southern hemisphere Vastu remedies which are all concealed or hidden & no outsider can make out that any remedy has been done in this house. In remedies we recommend the Sea Salt, few plants like Benjamin fig, coloured stickers, Alum, mirrors, Copper wire, turmeric powder, focus lights, few paintings, minor artefacts, whole yellow seeds, chimes, door protectors, energy boosters etc. which are as simple as to utter. We may also recommend to use few crystals and metals too. In other remedies we recommend …

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