Our Services Details

Our Services Details

We provide the following services under one roof

  • 1. Vastu Advise, (Scientific Vastu, Corrections Without Demolition)
  • 2. Fengshui, Bagua, Eight Mansion & Flying Star Fengshui
  • 3. Aura Scanning, Human Aura, House Aura & Plot’s Aura,
  • 4. Numerology, Name Numerology, Business Name, Child Name etc.
  • 5. Logo-Vastu Advice, Visiting Card, Letter Heads etc. as per vastu,
  • 6. Pyramidology (Pyra-Vastu), Pyramid, the alignment & Energy Levels’ enhancement,
  • 7. Astrology, Astro-Vastu, Vastu Shastra & Astrology-Correlated
  • 8. Gemology (Precious & Semi Precious Stones Advice)

Vastu Consultancy services

This includes all types of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional & agricultural land Vastu advice for Southern Hemisphere. Any one may get the Vastu consultation services from Dr. Anand Bhardwaj the following ways:

1. On-site Vastu Advice:

Yes, any client may call Dr. Anand Bhardwaj on site by paying his professional fees & all expenses on travel (Business Class), arrange Visa, boarding-Lodging in a good hotel, other known/ hidden expenses from starting from home to coming back to home. For this one has to either email the details or call or drop WhatsApp message. Then we will reply within few hours & will define the modus-operandi.

This is clarified here that we deal in the most advanced, technical and logical Vastu. In On-site Vastu consultation we do Technical Vastu using various instruments, tools, sensors & scanners which come from world-class Vastu-Technology. This is 100% perfect, relevant, true, accurate & worth-relying. The above makes Dr. Anand Bhardwaj different, ahead, technical, more logical & most authentic as compared to other common Vastu consultant.

2. Off Site Vastu Advice:

There are various ways to get Vastu for Southern Hemisphere advice off-site like: -

  • a. Email Vastu Advice,
  • b. Advice of Vastu thru WhatsApp,
  • c. Telephonic Vastu advice,
  • d. Vastu Advice on Skype; Face-to-face interaction,
  • e. WhatsApp video Calls,
  • f. Other practical/ mutually comfortable mode


The client may make the professional fees thru any mutually comfortable & reliable mode i.e.

✓ Fees may be paid in cash,
✓ You can also send fees through PayPal using our email: iivc999@gmail.com Or
✓ You can send thru Western Union money transfer system, Or
Or Through:
✓ Online Payment,
✓ Net Banking Systems,
or write to us on iivc999@gmail.com to know other Modes of Payment.


Dr. Anand Bhardwaj considers these major aspects while providing Vastu consultation services...

  • 1. Vastu Shastra in details considering the applicability of Vastu tenets. This is directions based Vastu Shastra applied with reference to the southern-hemisphere. In this the relevant part of Vedic Vastu is also included.
  • 2. Astrological Calculations related to 4th. House of the horoscope, so that it suits to the inmates,
  • 3. Numerological calculations for suitability of house number to all family members,
  • 4. Fengshui consideration for positive placements.

In case of built-up house, the Vastu remedies shall be advised without demolition.

This is to be defined that Dr. Anand Bhardwaj deals in home-remedies for Vastu cures & corrections. In this methodology, no need to demolish, no need to construct, no need to buy any costly Tantra, Mantra, Yantra, Pyramids, Vastu Gadgets etc. from us or from the market. It means Vastu corrections are almost costless. This is the biggest difference in us and other Vastu consultants. We believe in creating long term relationship with clients based on our thorough honesty, loyalty & true concern with the client. Yes, we take only fees honestly & do not sell anything.

When we define & describe the Vastu findings in terms of Positive, Negative & Neutral factors being traced on site or on the drawings, the client has all rights to know

  • 1) How this particular area/ place/ utility/ direction etc. is a Vastu defect &
  • 2) What is the logic & scientific rationale behind using home remedial object.

Certainty we will reply scientific, logical & hence our remedies are authentic, tried & tested.

For online/ thru emails Vastu advice we need the following

  • i. The layout plan of the site, it may be rough or fair,
  • ii. All the directions marked on the drawings.
  • iii. A short video of the site with commentary, if possible... or picture/ photo,
  • iv. If possible, a screen shot of the site from Google-earth so that the zoning and neighbourhood may be seen….
  • v. If you believe in Astrology too, then, IF POSSIBLE the Date, Time & Place of Birth of all the family members who live there (if possible). Otherwise only date of birth of the senior most member may solve the purpose.
  • vi. My professional fees which depends upon the nature, location, purpose, number of interactions, size etc. of the site.
  • vii. The authority to me to advice scientific and logical… because in Southern Hemisphere many Vastu principles alter logically. Vedic Vastu may/ should not be considered in southern-hemisphere 100%.
  • viii. If the above suits the client, then the easy, mutually feasible and appropriate modes of payment etc shall be discussed. 100% fees shall be paid by the client in advance.

Scope of Work

  • ✓ Vastu for plot/Lot shape, size & its vibrations (Possible only on-site)
  • ✓ Vastu for Drawing, layout plan, map etc. may be online or through email/ WhatsApp etc.
  • ✓ Vastu Designs as per current trends
  • ✓ Vastu for Need-based or Require-based Vastu drawings, designs & concept,
  • ✓ Vastu for Alevation
  • ✓ Vastu for Electrical drawings
  • ✓ Detailing of Sewerage/ sewage system as per Vastu,
  • ✓ Vastu for Interior designing & Decorations
  • ✓ Vastu for colours/ Wall paints
  • ✓ Vastu for floor colour, stone, tiles & wooden floor etc.